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Rowlette Delecta with Horn Mount
Another Rowlette in a bent apple, and with ox horn
used on the stem's tenon and on the shank.
If you could look into the mortise of the shank,
you'd see an inlaid silver ring which reinforces the end
of the shank.
Rowlette pipes feel great in the hand and have a tremendous
amount of character. While we tend to see the "dripping wax"
carving first, most Rowlette pipes actually have been
carved in three distinctive manners.

  • Dripping wax
  • Rustic carving as in the R1 & R2 finishes
  • Faceted panel carving between "drips"

    The Rowlette pipes always seem to have something going
    on in their finish, and smokers find themselves wondering
    why hadn't seen one detail or another before.
    And guess what? Yup…cleaner passes to the bottom!

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 Photo Gallery Four

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