Rustic Carved


Ser Jacopo's Rustic R1 finish. Enlarged for detail.


This effect is obtained through careful hand working of the bowl and shank with tools created by by Paolo to obtain Ser Jacopo's version of this popular finish. Along with the tools, various wire brushes are used to reduce jagged. rough edges. While the craftsmen want to create a pipe with a rugged finish they must be careful to not ruin the symmetry or conformation of the pipe. Interestingly, while the rustic finish is the most economical of Ser Jacopo's finishes, it is also one of the more labor intensive. This is true not only because of the time consuming carving and wire brushing, but also because it is more difficult to stain than a smooth finish.

Ser Jacopo Rustic carved pipes are available in the following color stains:

 Dark Rustic Carved

 Light Rustic Carved

Available in Pipe Range, Picta, La Pipaccia, Calumet and Domina series.

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