Ser Jacopo's Sandblast S1 finish. Enlarged for detail.


Among the most interesting of all pipe finishes, sandblasted pipes are put through a torture test, and emerge ready to give a lifetime of smoking pleasure. The Ser Jacopo method of sandblasting is sophisticated and detailed, having been developed and refined over the last several decades. Sandblasting gives you grain you can not only see, but feel as well. Many smokers like sandblasts because the increased surface area helps them smoke cool - just think of how a radiator works, and one can see the logic in this belief.

Ser Jacopo sandblasted pipes are available in the following color stains:

 Black Sandblast

 Dark Brown Blast

 Brown Blast

 Tanshell Blast

Available in Pipe Range, Picta, La Pipaccia, Calumet, Compta and Domina series.

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