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A Ser Jacopo Billiard Diamond 18k gold band.
Just about as rare as any pipe can get, and that's not a reference
only to the spectacular grain. Rather we are talking about the shape - Billiard
combined with that spectacular grain. Unlike free form pipes, Billiards,
and many other pure classic shapes run contrary to the grain patterns
found in briar. While the Dublin or V shape follow the grain
or rays emanating from the center of the burl, a Billiard moves
outward and then subtly inward, a shape the grain almost never
takes in nature. We have a policy to make every Ser Jacopo available
for sale - in other words our company's employees can not "cherry pick"
the best pipes - they go out to stores, but this pipe tested that
policy, since we know it will be a very long time before we
see another one like it!

Photo ref: GM0005

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