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Presentation Grade

The Gem Series is Ser Jacopo's ultimate achievement. Beautiful straight grain or spectacularly grained bird's eye bowls in a variety of shapes.

 There are five Gem Series grades, and production is extremely limited.

  • Smeraldo / Emerald
  • Granato / Garnet
  • Zaffiro / Sapphire
  • Rubino / Ruby
  • Brillante / Diamond


Gem series pipes are generally produced in the following finishes:

Gem Series pipes are supplied in a special presentation boxes.
Gem Series pipes are always in short supply.
Contact your dealer or Marble Arch, Ltd. for availability of Gem Series pipes.
Click on one of the Gallery photos above to view the Gem Series galleries.

Of the Gem Series pipes, the Diamond or Brillante in Italian, is the king. 
On average fewer than one Diamond grade pipe is imported each year.
Click on the Diamond Gallery button to the right for a look at these great pipes.



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