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R1 Rustic "Luciano Snake"
Did someone say unique?
Well, this is a pipe only Ser Jacopo can make. No one
else could drill the shank, even if they could make it!
(Quiz: where does the stem separate from the bowl?
A: Top silver ring B: Bottom silver ring C: Both)
This pipe is stamped "Luciano" and is one of two types which bear
this nomenclature. The other Luciano is a kalabash bowl on a very long
horn covered stem. The snake version comes with a variety of bowls,
so along with the bullcap here, they have arrived with Dublin, Billiard, Bulldog, and a few other styles.
Though it defies belief, you can pass a pipe cleaner straight
through to the bottom of the bowl without taking the stem apart.
(Answer to Quiz: B)

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