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R1 Rustic with Wood Inlay
This pipe is similar to the Danish style bent earlier in
the Gallery. (The one with the two tone paint job ; ).
The naturally flowing bend and oval shape of the bowl,
(you'll have to take my word for it), make for a very attractive pipe,
but this is first and foremost a smoking pipe.
Rustic pipes "expect" to be smoked often, and don't have to
be pampered like their smooth brothers.
In actuality the production of a smooth and rustic pipe is
exactly the same except the rustic pipe takes more work!
That's right, they cost less but take more time to make.
It's just one of the strange contradictions in the wacky
world of pipes.
It also takes a lot of work to bore the draft hole on each
and every bent to allow a pipe cleaner to pass through to the bowl.
Just another detail which helps to make Ser Jacopo
the brand others try to emulate.

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 Photo Gallery Four

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