Gem Series Diamond Grade

SOLD - A giant Ser Jacopo Diamond/Brillante Maxima Maxima.
This is one of the finest grained Diamond grade pipes which ever made by Ser Jacopo.
In addition to the dramatic and breathtaking quality and quantity of the grain,
the pipe is massive, being graded double Maxima.
Giancarlo has made it clear that briar large enough to make pipes of this size is very expensive
and has become more and more difficult to acquire. Getting a pipe of this size with
graining like, "angel hair" (capello d'angelo) is essentially a dream come true.

This pipe is likely to be the pipe of the decade.

The pipe has the following stamping::

Ser Jacopo dalla Gemma - fatta a mano in italia
Fiammata Brillante
4 / 2002
Maxima Maxima
Capello d'angelo - Unigena
Per Aspera ad Astra

Photo ref: GM_D_0003
Pipe Locator: MA600

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