"Ciao Lira" Pipe

Viprati says, "Goodbye" to the venerable Italian Lira with this pipe.

As most already know, the European Union made a gigantic step toward
economic unification at the beginning of 2002.

Thirteen EU countries adopted the new Euro as their national currencies,
thus simplifying commercial, economic and recreational transactions in countless ways.

Luigi Viprati, who's traveled throughout Europe, is happy with the change.
He no longer needs a billfold of Francs, Marks, Guilders and
many other currencies for his numerous border crossings.

Luigi will miss the Lira, which has been his familiar currency for almost fifty years.
The Lira was often the butt of jokes, and being nondecimal in nature
could also be confusing to tourists, but anyone who has had the pleasure of traveling in Italy
will remember the first time they has £it 1.000.000 in their hands!

To say goodbye or to the old currency, Viprati has designed the "Ciao Lira" pipe.
It is an edition limited to but 200 pieces, and is packaged is a furniture grade wood box.
Each of the pipes has a genuine Italian £it 1.000 coin imbedded into the bottom of the bowl.
The silver band mounted on the shank is inscribed with the symbol for the Lira as well.

The Viprati POY 2002 is handcrafted in the following finishes:
Walnut Smooth
Natural Smooth (shown)

We anticipate receiving very few of the "Ciao Lira" pipes as the interest in Italy and Europe
will understandably be quite strong. If you are interested in more information on this pipe,
or would like to order one (if still available) please contact us directly or through your dealer.

Photo ref: VLE_ciaolira

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