Elephant & Castle's
"Isle of Skye"

Isle of Skye - Scottish Mixture

The name alone gives an image of misty moors in the north of Scotland. This is a blend of Virginias and Virginia varietals and contains no burley and therefore no Cavendish or other flavoring agents. Oh yes...no Scotch whiskey either, just tobacco.
When the E&C range was being developed by Ken McConnell there were virtually no authentic Scottish mixtures being manufactured. Most had some form of casing, and all were blended with burley / Cavendish, an inexpensive filler which Ken assudiously refused to use in his premium tobacco mixtures.
As with all the tobaccos in the Elephant & Castle range, tins of "Isle of Skye" were hand blended in the McConnell factory on Barking Road in London, England. They are at least 13 years old. For more information on E&C, please click:  E&C History.

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