Gem Series Photo Gallery 2

A Ser Jacopo Diamond with Sterling Silver Delecta mount.
The highest of Ser Jacopo's Gem Series is shown
in a bent Dublin. While no Ser Jacopo shape can be considered
"common" this is certainly one we've seen before - just never in
this high a grade. In fact until he developed the "Nauta", this was the
shape Giancarlo Guidi was seen smoking most often.
The photos should give good idea not only of the straight grain,
but of the density of grain on this pipe.
Always rare, we have received fewer than 12 Diamond grade
Ser Jacopo pipes in almost 20 years, this is the first made
in the 2000 year, and is so stamped, which is hopefully
clear enough to see on the bottom image.

Photo ref: G200
Pipe Locator: cd119ke

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