Photo Gallery 4

Rowlette Maxima with wood inlay stem.
And now for something completely different.
Though not quite. The finish has changed. Most of
the pipes in Gallery 4 have been L1 Walnut Smooth thus far.
This is the first appearance of Ser Jacopo's beautiful
and distinctive "dripping wax" finish.
The name "Rowlette" is not Italian.
In fact it's the name of a suburb of Dallas, Texas,
though they spell it Rowlet down there.
How did an Italian handmade end up with the name of
a small Texas town. Well, one of it's residents,
an impassioned smoker of Ser Jacopo pipes,
suggested, and suggested, and suggested, and suggested,
and suggested (by now you get the picture), that this
carving style be added to Ser Jacopo's offerings.
Fifteen years later and they are better than ever.
This is another example of the theme we've been
following in this gallery: Large Bents.
And yes, the stem, blah, blah…

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 Photo Gallery Four

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