Photo Gallery 4

L1 Walnut Smooth Maxima Gavel
This pipe is similar to the rustic version in Gallery 3.
It could certainly be called a novelty pipe, except we've had
a large number of requests special ordering this shape.
We've been told that this would be the perfect pipe for a judge,
so it's interesting to note that Italian judges don't use gavels,
and Giancarlo didn't understand why we originally made a
judicial reference to this shape. As far as he was concerned,
it's just shaped like a hammer.
Very nice grain, and the three sterling silver bands,
two at the top and bottom of the bowl, and the third a
conventional surface mounted band on the shank.
Let's face it, you can call it a "Gavel" if you like.
Giancarlo won't mind…he doesn't speak English!

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 Photo Gallery Four

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