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L1 Walnut Smooth Maxima Delecta Silver Mount
Here again is that "almost Oom Paul" shape which Giancarlo
likes so much. This time it's been dressed up in the Delecta
mounting which is one of the earliest by Ser Jacopo, and is
probably their most famous add-on.
If you have never seen a Delecta mounted pipe up close,
you should it's a work of art by itself. There is a sterling collar
mounted on the tenon of the stem. In fact I don't believe we've
ever seen a silver mounted Delecta with a broken tenon!
On the bowl side there is a specially designed silver cap,
made from three pieces welded together, (collar, ring and base plate).
Add to this the free ride your pipe cleaners make to the
bottom of this very large bowl, and you've got a great
"long smoking" pipe.

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 Photo Gallery Four

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