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L2 Natural Smooth Maxima with wide Silver Army Mount
Here's another pipe which was inspired by German taste, thus
the wide and short shank. In the hands of Giancarlo it has
become a very appealing piece with excellent grain. A ring of
black plexiglass, the same material used for the stems,
accents the change from briar to silver. Giancarlo has resisted the
urge to give this pipe a longer stem, which would make it
heavy in the mouth - remember it's a Maxima. Thus, it looks
compact, but is in fact a full sized beautiful piece.
Needless to say, especially with the short shank, a pipe
cleaner has no problem reaching the bottom of the bowl,
so you can clean it without taking the pipe apart, which is yucky,
and potentially dangerous to the pipe while it's hot.

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